Buffett Likes A Bargain

Do you believe that a 3.20% 10-year bond yield alters Buffett’s preference for stocks over all other asset classes? Not a chance! It’s not even close that bonds compete with... Continue reading

Global Rates Are Finally Rising

It is ironic that the financial markets are suddenly concerned with rising rates and steepening yield curves when the biggest fear all along has been flattening or inverting yield curves,... Continue reading

Investing Through Uncertainty

The hearings surrounding the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court as well as Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s press conference remind us, yet again, that we live in a... Continue reading

Where Do We Go from Here?

The US financial markets rose to a new high last week while overseas markets rallied as well. The global tug of war is all about the impact of tariffs on... Continue reading

Begin with the End in Mind

In Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey, globally renowned leadership coach and business leader, explains that in order to be successful you need to develop and maintain key... Continue reading

Investing Above the Fray

We are increasingly living in a multi-polar world aptly defined by the acronym VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Volatility reflects the speed and turbulence of change. Uncertainty means that... Continue reading

Do As Buffett Does

Warren Buffett, the best investor of our lifetime, gave an interview on CNBC this past week. While he may still advocate passive investing for you, his personal choice is anything... Continue reading