Be Patient, Not Complacent

We spend our day reviewing all the facts, challenging our core beliefs and doing in-depth research on a global basis. I hate when the pundits agree with our stance. I... Continue reading

Have the Markets Peaked?

The Senate passed their version of tax reform Friday night. It set the stage for both bodies of Congress to reconcile tax reform into a final bill to be voted... Continue reading

2018: Taking Away Monetary Life Support Systems

As the global economies continue to accelerate entering 2018, monetary authorities’ “great experiment: QE” will slowly come to a close after 10 years. Economists will debate for years whether it... Continue reading

It’s Not Just China That’s Growing

The financial and commodity markets overreacted last week to a slight deviation in growth for China around the mean of 6.5% growth still expected for the year. Just a few... Continue reading

The Party Is Not Over

One of the lead articles in the weekend Wall Street Journal was entitled “Declines in Stocks, Junk Bonds Reveal Cracks in Global Rally”. Really? The market has risen for 8... Continue reading

Unleashing Corporate America

The House Republicans unveiled their tax reform program this past week. It is clear that the cornerstone behind Trump’s pro-growth, pro-business agenda is reducing corporate taxes to unleash corporate America... Continue reading

Sorry Warren, Active Management Is the Way To Go

If anything was proven this week it was that outperforming the markets is all about stock selection. Warren Buffett, the sage of Omaha, has decided that when he passes he... Continue reading