Suspended Animation

The financial markets are in a state of suspended animation pending resolution of the NAFTA and China trade negotiations and Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.... Continue reading

“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”

Yogi Berra, a former New York Yankee, made numerous contributions to baseball history, but his legacy might be equally remembered for what he contributed to the American language. He was... Continue reading

Thank You, Warren

Market participants got a huge boost of confidence after Warren Buffett revealed on Friday that he bought a ton of equities in the first quarter, including an additional 75 million... Continue reading

Peak Earnings!

Fear swept through the financial market last week that the bull market was close to ending. The story was that earnings were peaking; global growth was slowing while our interest... Continue reading

The Schizophrenic Market

The market pundits on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox and other media networks swing back and forth day by day and sometimes hour to hour on virtually each and every one of... Continue reading

Patience Will Be Rewarded

The global economic and financial landscape has rarely been better but the market pundits and media would rather you think differently. They focus on perceived negatives as they do not... Continue reading

Quiet the DC Chatter

Rarely has the global economic and corporate backdrop been so good only to have the financial markets held back by the needless, sometimes reckless, chatter out of Washington. While few... Continue reading