Trump Tweets While the World Burns

Trump and his team just don’t get it! It’s their trade policy that is responsible for grinding global growth to a halt. Can you imagine business-planning: capital spending, hiring, and... Continue reading

Thinking Out of the Box

As we discussed in last week’s blog “Race to the Bottom” traditional means of stimulating economic growth are no longer working and are, in fact, backfiring from their real intent. ... Continue reading

The Race to the Bottom

Monetary authorities around the world are using an old playbook: lowering interest rates and the value of their currency in the hopes of stimulate growth in their region. Unfortunately, it... Continue reading

Global Uncertainty Trumps Lower Interest Rates

When will all the monetary authorities and governments realize that lower interest rates at this point won’t boost global growth? No one wants to borrow due to global uncertainty! The... Continue reading

Here Comes the Fed

The Fed is about to change course officially this week beginning with at least a 25-basis cut in the Funds rate. The last five times the Fed cut rates “outside... Continue reading

Time to Believe

Who better has the pulse on what investors and businessmen are doing than Larry Fink, a longtime friend, who is head of Blackrock, the world’s largest money manager? We were... Continue reading

Vive La Sweet Spot

Quite a week! Powell all but assured a rate cut in July; the yield curve steepened; the dollar weakened; trade talks with China opened; commodity prices increased; and stock markets... Continue reading