Buffett and Munger Are Licking Their Chops

The financial markets have been under immense pressure ever since Trump announced that he would be raising tariffs to 25% on the initial $250 billion of Chinese exports to the... Continue reading

Playing the Long Ball

The global financial markets are being held prisoner by rising trade tensions, primarily between the United States and China. While both countries feel, but to differing degrees, that they can... Continue reading

Investing in a VUCA World

We were clearly surprised by Trump’s tweet last Sunday informing us that he was raising tariffs to 25% from 10% on the initial $250 billion of Chinese imports as well... Continue reading

Don’t be Swayed by “Sell in May and Go Away!”

Are you a trader or an investor? Ask Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of our lifetime, why he believes in buying and holding as do we unless there is a... Continue reading

The Path Forward

The U.S. stock market hit new highs last week continuing to climb on a on a wall of worry while most other markets including China declined. It remains clear that... Continue reading

Looking Ahead

Paix et Prospérité’s success has been our ability to anticipate and react to change while keeping an eye towards the future. We structure our portfolios after in-depth top-down and bottom-up... Continue reading


The key question facing investors is whether global growth will accelerate or stagnate from this point onward.   Our view remains that growth has already bottomed in the United States and... Continue reading