Risk Back On

What a difference a few weeks makes in our view of the economic landscape and outlook for the financial markets! While we still believe that the U.S. economy will slow... Continue reading

What A Difference A Day Makes

The financial markets did a 180 Friday after a sensational labor report followed by Fed Chairman Powell’s opening comments prior to a panel discussion with two former Fed Presidents. Powell... Continue reading

Wakeup Call

The sharp drop in equity prices and bond yields during December has clearly been a wakeup call for all politicians, businessmen, consumers and investors around the globe. We believe that... Continue reading

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

A perfect storm hit the financial markets last week: the fed raised rates once again signaling two more hikes next year while maintaining $50 billion/month reduction in its balance sheet,... Continue reading

Christmas Sales Have Begun

The global financial markets continued to weaken last week as it became more apparent that the global economy was slowing, including China. Unfortunately, monetary authorities continue to strive to reduce... Continue reading

Looking Towards 2019

2018 began with a bang with investors optimistic that synchronous global growth would accelerate; inflationary pressures would build, albeit slowly; monetary authorities would become less accommodative, including the Fed; interest... Continue reading

Christmas Comes Early

The financial markets had one of their best gains last week anticipating that Fed Chairman Powell would moderate the Fed’s view on future hikes in the funds rate at his... Continue reading