What a Difference a Year Makes

The financial markets began last and this year with a bang. However, there are significant differences, both positive and negative, that lead us to believe that this year will end... Continue reading

Call to Action

The global economies are in a synchronous slowdown. Unfortunately, there is not much more that the BOJ, Bank of China, ECB, Fed and all other major monetary bodies can do... Continue reading

It’s Always Something

A successful investor is a born cynic worrying more about downside risks than upside potential. Investing has only gotten more complicated over the years as we consider the intricacies of... Continue reading

The Stars Are Aligning

Events of the week support our view that global economic growth may indeed accelerate later in the year as the BOJ, Bank of China, ECB and the Fed pushed panic... Continue reading

Adapting to Change

As anticipated, all the pundits who have been bearish suddenly turned bullish after the market concluded one of the best weekly and monthly advances in nearly a year. Most of... Continue reading

Risk Back On

What a difference a few weeks makes in our view of the economic landscape and outlook for the financial markets! While we still believe that the U.S. economy will slow... Continue reading

What A Difference A Day Makes

The financial markets did a 180 Friday after a sensational labor report followed by Fed Chairman Powell’s opening comments prior to a panel discussion with two former Fed Presidents. Powell... Continue reading