The Die Has Been Cast

The financial markets seem locked in a tug of war amongst a goldilocks global economy, accelerating growth with muted inflationary pressures, and geopolitical risks, which has led to rising volatility... Continue reading

Clouds Lift

We entered the week with fear and trepidation around trade tariffs, upheaval in the White House, a reduction in monetary ease abroad, the Beige book, and a possible overheating job... Continue reading

Shot Heard Around The World

Trump’s “pre-empted” announcement of 25% steel and 10% aluminum tariffs underlined his “America First” message that the U.S. will no longer tolerate unfair, illegal trade practices from abroad. We would... Continue reading

The Oracle Speaks

We all wait with great anticipation to read Warren Buffett’s annual investment letter to gain insight into his investment philosophy and views of the current environment. No one doubts that... Continue reading

What Lies Ahead?

The financial markets have recovered well over half the precipitous decline that occurred 10 days ago. It’s fascinating to watch and listen to those pundits who were telling us why... Continue reading

What Would Buffett Do Now?

When you experience a market like last week, you must step back and review your core beliefs and underlying fundamentals. After all, the stock market is comprised of real companies... Continue reading

Opportunity Knocks For Investors

It’s amazing how fast sentiment shifts. The pundits went from wildly bullish to pessimistic in a matter of days as they looked through the rear view mirror at a few... Continue reading