No Need for Pessimism

Why is everyone so pessimistic? After all… IMF has raised its forecast for global growth from 3.1 % in 2016 to 3.5 % for 2017 and inflationary expectations remain muted.... Continue reading

Change Is a Process So Be Patient

The premise for Trump’s rise to the Presidency was his desire to change the political direction of our country — “To Make America Great Again” and to put “America First”.... Continue reading

Trump Adapts Foreign Policy Agenda

While it was an eventful week with everything from the Fed notes on Wednesday to the Senate confirmation of Judge Gorsuch to the employment data and finally to the meeting... Continue reading

Death of the Trump Agenda, Economy and Markets Are Greatly Exaggerated

Waking up each morning and listening to the media/market pundits talking about the many failures and future demise of Trump and his administration is quite frankly getting boring. I wonder... Continue reading

Trump’s Reflation Agenda Gets Accelerated

The Affordable Care Act was put on hold Friday, as the Republican controlled House could not agree amongst themselves to bring it to a vote. So the bill was pulled... Continue reading

Monetary Authorities Staying One Step Behind

The BOJ, ECB and the Fed have now spoken, maintaining overly easy monetary policies permitting the global economies to continue to pick up momentum. The reflation trend is alive and... Continue reading

“We’re Just Getting Started”

Gary Cohn, President Trump’s Head of the National Economic Council and former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, stated those words after the February employment report was released on Friday. It... Continue reading