Let’s Make a Deal

My comments last week that Trump apparently had learned from his past mistakes on healthcare reform and has decided to reach out and work with the Democrats on DACA, tax... Continue reading

Looking Beyond the Hurricanes

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are devastating. Our hearts go out to those impacted by them. Our job is to look beyond the near-term negative implications of the hurricanes and focus... Continue reading

Lights Out for Stocks?

Remember the axiom “when it appears on the cover of Barron’s do the opposite?” The headline story in this week’s Barron’s was “Lights Out for Stocks”. Why not “Prepare for... Continue reading

Path of Least Resistance is Up

While the preponderance of political news remains challenging, stock markets recovered last week rising on that proverbial wall of worry. A strengthening global economy, rising earnings, and incredibly low bond... Continue reading

Loss of Confidence in Trump Roils Financial Markets

How could one not be appalled by what occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the failure of our President to take a firm stand against the bigotry and hatred from the... Continue reading

Geopolitical Concerns Dominate Markets

The world is a dangerous place. Therefore, we all want to believe that cooler minds will prevail to avoid the unthinkable. It raises a question though: Is there a way... Continue reading

Stop Trading: The Trend Is Your Friend

Do you listen to what the pundits’ have to say day after day? They shift their view based on that day’s stock action rather than having any real sustainable, investable... Continue reading