Past Is Not Prologue

Now that the first half of the year is wrapping up, it’s time to review what happened and more importantly, where we are likely to go over the foreseeable future... Continue reading

Market Fundamentals Versus Political Tensions

Each week the pundits are calling for a market decline, but internal dynamics are winning the battle and the markets continue to churn upwards hitting new highs. There are periodic... Continue reading

Monetary Policy, Politics and the Markets

The global economies continued to improve last week such that we heard from both BOJ and ECB that policy changes are afoot, signaling an end to overly aggressive monetary ease.... Continue reading

Teflon Markets

The global financial markets continued to march to new highs last week despite Trump’s problems, his withdrawal from the Paris Accord and his stalled agenda in Congress. What gives? The... Continue reading

The Pundits Are Wrong … Yet Again

The markets continued to rise to new highs on a wall of worry last week confounding the pundits/short sellers who continue to call for a market top or at least... Continue reading

Self-Inflicted Wounds

What a week! The President’s firing of FBI Director Comey reverberates everywhere An internal memo from Comey suggests that the President may have compromised his position by asking the FBI... Continue reading

On the Verge of Great Things Only if…

The markets are churning within tight ranges unable to break up or down, as there is so much good happening in the world that is being neutralized by politics in... Continue reading