Stay Focused On the Longer Term

Despite excellent domestic economic conditions, a hike in projected future S&P 500 earnings reaching $180 per share by 2020, and unusually low interest rates with accommodative monetary policies, the US... Continue reading

Still Playing the Long Ball

Quite a week! Trump left the G-7 meeting without signing off on the communiqué creating tensions with our long-term partners. Kim and Trump reached a deal on the denuclearization of... Continue reading

Buffett and Dimon Play the Long Ball

Warren Buffett’s and Jamie Dimon‘s editorial in the WSJ, followed by their interview on CNBC on Friday, was another great learning experience from the best of the best for those... Continue reading

We’re Only In The Sixth Inning

There is no one better to ask than Warren Buffett about investing. The same can be said for asking Jamie Dimon for his perspective on the global economy, the financial... Continue reading

The Pundits Go Flip-Flopping Again

Ten days ago the pundits or so-called experts on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News and other media outlets were predicting that the 10-year treasury was going to breach 3.15% and that... Continue reading

Suspended Animation

The financial markets are in a state of suspended animation pending resolution of the NAFTA and China trade negotiations and Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.... Continue reading

“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”

Yogi Berra, a former New York Yankee, made numerous contributions to baseball history, but his legacy might be equally remembered for what he contributed to the American language. He was... Continue reading