Cautious Optimism

Cautious optimism was the catch phrase of the week for the BOJ, ECB and corporate managements on second-quarter earnings calls. Monetary authorities are puzzled and concerned that growth forecasts have... Continue reading

The Goldilocks Economy And Financial Markets

The pundits/naysayers are at a loss for words as the global stock markets continue to confound them as they march upwards. The global economy is surprising the experts too, as... Continue reading

Taking Away the Punch Bowl

Now that the global economies appear on sound footing as growth has accelerated nearly across the board, the discussion within the financial community, governments, businesses and the consumer is how... Continue reading

Stay Disciplined

Proper investing is a skill set built on years of experience and learning not only from your successes but also just as much from your mistakes. The reason that I... Continue reading

Past Is Not Prologue

Now that the first half of the year is wrapping up, it’s time to review what happened and more importantly, where we are likely to go over the foreseeable future... Continue reading

Market Fundamentals Versus Political Tensions

Each week the pundits are calling for a market decline, but internal dynamics are winning the battle and the markets continue to churn upwards hitting new highs. There are periodic... Continue reading

Monetary Policy, Politics and the Markets

The global economies continued to improve last week such that we heard from both BOJ and ECB that policy changes are afoot, signaling an end to overly aggressive monetary ease.... Continue reading