What Would Buffett Do Now?

When you experience a market like last week, you must step back and review your core beliefs and underlying fundamentals. After all, the stock market is comprised of real companies... Continue reading

Opportunity Knocks For Investors

It’s amazing how fast sentiment shifts. The pundits went from wildly bullish to pessimistic in a matter of days as they looked through the rear view mirror at a few... Continue reading

Let It Ride

A successful hedge fund manager must know when to be fully invested, when to take some chips off the table, when to fold (going to cash) or go net short.... Continue reading

Sustained Growth and Prosperity

There is a certain irony that the world’s political, economic and financial leaders are coming together in Davos this week to discuss “creating a shared future in a fractured world”.... Continue reading

Who Do You Trust?

We are bombarded with information every second of every day influencing our investment process. There is way too much hitting us making it difficult to separate the wheat from the... Continue reading


A successful money manager must be cynical. We begin by thinking about what could go wrong before factoring in the upside potential. As discussed last week, it would be easy... Continue reading

Is the Party Over?

Paix et Prospérité has significantly outperformed all averages and ran circles around the Hedge Fund Index. Naturally, it would be easy to take our chips off the table, call it... Continue reading