Markets Climb On Wall Of Worry

Don’t you wake up each morning expecting the worst? Don’t you expect Trump to put both feet in his mouth tweeting something nasty and antagonizing someone? And at the end... Continue reading

An Optimistic But Cautionary Outlook

We fully anticipate blow-out results for second-quarter earnings reports this week. Managements will remain optimistic but also present a more cautionary outlook of the future due to the potential impact... Continue reading

The Markets Hate Uncertainty

The global economic recovery runs the risk of stalling out unless all the parties accept that there must be changes in trading patterns. They must reflect “real” open, fair and... Continue reading

Stay Focused On the Longer Term

Despite excellent domestic economic conditions, a hike in projected future S&P 500 earnings reaching $180 per share by 2020, and unusually low interest rates with accommodative monetary policies, the US... Continue reading

Still Playing the Long Ball

Quite a week! Trump left the G-7 meeting without signing off on the communiqué creating tensions with our long-term partners. Kim and Trump reached a deal on the denuclearization of... Continue reading

Buffett and Dimon Play the Long Ball

Warren Buffett’s and Jamie Dimon‘s editorial in the WSJ, followed by their interview on CNBC on Friday, was another great learning experience from the best of the best for those... Continue reading

We’re Only In The Sixth Inning

There is no one better to ask than Warren Buffett about investing. The same can be said for asking Jamie Dimon for his perspective on the global economy, the financial... Continue reading