The Party Is Not Over

One of the lead articles in the weekend Wall Street Journal was entitled “Declines in Stocks, Junk Bonds Reveal Cracks in Global Rally”. Really? The market has risen for 8... Continue reading

Unleashing Corporate America

The House Republicans unveiled their tax reform program this past week. It is clear that the cornerstone behind Trump’s pro-growth, pro-business agenda is reducing corporate taxes to unleash corporate America... Continue reading

Sorry Warren, Active Management Is the Way To Go

If anything was proven this week it was that outperforming the markets is all about stock selection. Warren Buffett, the sage of Omaha, has decided that when he passes he... Continue reading

“What If” Looks More Like “What Will Be”

Global stock markets have risen this year for all of the right reasons: global economic growth has accelerated without inflationary pressures; monetary authorities remain accommodative creating more capital than needed... Continue reading

Trump Makes Moves: The Ultimate Negotiator

Besides North Korea, the other major issue holding back the financial markets is Trump himself.  Will he go to war with North Korea? Will he be impeached? Will he pass... Continue reading

“Prepare for A Future Downturn”

Rather than a thoughtful discussion on ways to sustain the current renaissance of global economic growth, the leader of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and leader of the World Bank, President... Continue reading

Over The Rainbow

Week after week we state that a successful investor must look forward through the windshield rather than back in the rear-view mirror. I came back to manage hedge funds in... Continue reading