King Dollar

To paraphrase Larry Kudlow, Director of Trump’s National Economic Council, “A strong dollar connotes a strong economy”. Unfortunately, cracks in the global economy are appearing. Our Fed has begun a... Continue reading

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

We are living in a period of rapid change—whether it is political, economic, financial, regulatory and/or trade. This informs our strategy of investing in companies whose management has the foresight... Continue reading

The Next 18 Months

No one doubts that Trump’s economic agenda, especially the tax cuts, will be a shot of adrenalin for our economy near term. However most of the pundits/skeptics feel that the... Continue reading

Trump Needs A Trade Deal

Trump talks a tough game. He is confident, speaks from a position of great strength, declares rightfully that the US has less to lose than all others as we run... Continue reading

Markets Climb On Wall Of Worry

Don’t you wake up each morning expecting the worst? Don’t you expect Trump to put both feet in his mouth tweeting something nasty and antagonizing someone? And at the end... Continue reading

An Optimistic But Cautionary Outlook

We fully anticipate blow-out results for second-quarter earnings reports this week. Managements will remain optimistic but also present a more cautionary outlook of the future due to the potential impact... Continue reading

The Markets Hate Uncertainty

The global economic recovery runs the risk of stalling out unless all the parties accept that there must be changes in trading patterns. They must reflect “real” open, fair and... Continue reading