Over Bill Ehrman’s successful 40-year career in money management and investment banking, his most significant achievement is his considerable outperformance of the financial markets.

Bill served as Head of the Investment committee at Century Capital Associates, followed by Head of Investments for Worldwide Equities and Private Equities at the Quantum Fund. He was George Soros’ first partner. Finally, he was the Founding Partner, CEO and Head of the Investment committee at EGS.

Bill’s success is a result of his in-depth view of the worldwide investment landscape coupled with in-depth research, uncovering undervalued investment opportunities while maintaining liquidity and controlling risk at all times. Bill has strong and unique relationships, both domestic and international, with the heads of virtually every major brokerage, investment banking, and private equity firms, built over his decades long career. They are the foundation of his inimitable ability to achieve superior results while offering personalized, boutique services with major bracket capabilities and resources.

After graduating magna cum laude from Lehigh University in 1971 with dual degrees in economics and finance, Bill started his impressive career as an investment analyst at Chemical Bank. During this time, Bill achieved his MBA from NYU with highest honors. Following Chemical Bank, Bill served as the Assistant Director of Investment Research and as a group head at Marine Midland Bank.

“We begin with a worldwide macro point of view in the aggregate, then determine the countries, the industries and finally the companies that will benefit and/or suffer from current market trends.”

Bill’s next role was head of investment research at Century Capital Associates, primarily a corporate pension firm. Bill quicklyrose to the role of co-head of the investment committee with Byron Wien (a well-known Wall Street market analyst who is now Vice Chairman at Blackstone) while becoming the third largest partner in the firm, after the two founding partners. During his tenure, assets grew from under $100 million to over $2.6 billion at which point Century was sold to a well-known Canadian financial firm.

Following the sale of Century in 1982, George Soros recruited Bill to work with him at the Quantum fund and became Soros’ first real partner while heading up the investmentcommittee for worldwide equities. Bill ran Quantum’s merchant banking activities, including acquisitions, bankruptcies, and workouts. Assets increased from $300 million to well over $8.5 billion during his tenure. During this time, Quantum participated in deals with Sir James Goldsmith, the Rothschild Group, Wilbur Ross, and other notables.

Bill’s departure from Quantum in 1989 was sparked by his desire to start his own firm, EGS Associates, a hedge fund, one of the most successful start-ups ever. Bill headed up worldwide investments including the banking division, which also managed private equity funds. Bill grew assets from zero to over $900 million during his 15-year leadership. The Fund compounded in excess of 18% per annum net of fees.

While money management was Bill’s forte, he also led investment banking and privateequity at each firm where he was partner, providing strategic advice to companies worldwide, assisting them to raise capital to achieve objectives.

“We look for trends that will lead to investments with the expectation of significant long-term capital appreciation. Our investment strategy can include both event driven stocks and those that would benefit/suffer from government policies.”

After a successful 35-year career running hedge funds, Bill decided in 2005 to pursue investment banking full-time. Bill was first a partner at Merlin Partners in Palm Beach, Florida later becoming a partner at Santana Associates in New York City. At Santana, Bill assisted multi-national corporations in formulating short- and long-term business plans, writing offering memorandums, and raising capital from public and private sources to achieve key objectives. He joined True North Resources in 2011 as a financial consultant and continued to pursue investment-banking opportunities worldwide. Overall he participated in billions of dollars in private/public deals.

Bill decided in 2013 to re-enter the hedge fund arena full-time because he believed that his fundamentalist approach to investing was sorely needed in today’s trading environment to achieve superior market performance and significant positive rates of return on capital.

His new family of domestic and foreign hedge funds is called Paix et Prospérité (French for “Peace and Prosperity”). He began managing a separate account in the fourth quarter of 2013, and he has earned significant positive rates of return far in excess of all indexes ever since. He also began in 2016 writing a weekly investment blog revealing his thoughts needed to be a successful investor during these changing times.

Portfolio Manager, Director of Research
(Name withheld due to confidentiality)
•20-year career on Wall Street, Partner, Senior Industrials & Infrastructure Analyst with leading investment banking, securities and investment management firm with assets over $5 billion (Name withheld due to confidentiality)
•Served as Senior Equity Analyst at Rodman & Renshaw
•Portfolio manager of Andrecca Asset Management and Moore Capital, equity firm focused on companies in the $100 million to $8 billion range in market capitalization
•MBA with emphasis on international taxation


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