Paix et Prosperite January 20 2020 Investment Committee Meeting

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Start Your Engines!

The global economy has been held hostage by trade conflicts, but times may be a ‘changin:  China/U.S signed Phase 1 of a trade deal last week; the Senate ratified the... Continue reading

Think as An Investor

We were thrilled to hear the experts/pundits speak on Friday as well as Barron’s most recent roundtable of 10 experts write on Saturday about how cautious/pessimistic they are about the... Continue reading

Investing in a VUCA Global Environment

We commented last week that we still prefer investing in the United States despite acknowledging that there was more potential upside abroad as global growth accelerated in 2020. Our decision,... Continue reading

2020: Global Economic Growth: Let it Rip!

It is so disappointing that we look to well-known and trusted organizations like the IMF and OECD to make economic forecasts to guide us when investing when they are invariably... Continue reading