Focus on 2021 and 2022

Turn off your cable news networks. They will have you thinking short term because most of them do.   Our view remains that economic growth will accelerate in 2021 into... Continue reading

Markets Broaden Out. Finally!

The markets broadening out to financially strong, more economically sensitive companies is for real. Finally, we see better economic days ahead supported by all monetary bodies remaining all in. We... Continue reading

Invest for an Economic and Profit Recovery

Market corrections force us to test our core beliefs. We still see an overly accommodative Fed providing excess liquidity; a government providing added stimulus eventually; vaccines, better therapeutics, and rapid... Continue reading

Strong S & P Earnings and Margins Outlook

Investing is a process requiring a long-term perspective while recognizing that market corrections can always occur. We pride ourselves on correctly identifying long term investable trends and investing accordingly.  The... Continue reading