HFMWeek: A Wake-up Call to the Hedge Fund Industry

CalPERS, one of the largest and most forward-thinking of all pension funds, could dramatically cut back its exposure to hedge funds later this year following an asset allocation review.... Continue reading

HFMWeek: The Long View

“Do you think Warren Buffet manages his portfolio controlling risk using alpha and beta? No, he manages it though good stock selection and maintaining ample liquidity.”... Continue reading

HFMWeek: 60 Seconds with Bill Ehrman

How would you describe your current role? I am the managing partner and head of investments at my global, macro long/short equity hedge fund named Paix et Prosperite. The objective... Continue reading

HFMWeek: What’s in a Name?

While social Responsibility hasn’t always been a prominent mantra in the hedge fund space, it is certainly growing in prominence, as Bill Ehrman’s new company, Paix et Prospérité, demonstrates.... Continue reading

HFMWeek: Soros Partner Readies Fund Ahead of Retirement Return

Industry Veteran Bill Ehrman, who was George Soros’s first partner, is stepping up his comeback from Wall Street retirement and will launch a hedge fund in the next few weeks.... Continue reading