Paix et Prosperite Weekly Investment Mtg 10.28.19

5 thoughts on “Paix et Prosperite Weekly Investment Mtg 10.28.19

  1. (Regret unable to attend since I am a West Coast follower 🙁 at 5.30 am)
    1.If you expect the dollar to weaken…then export oriented multinationals would experience a positive profit growth…would then the consumer staples not be beneficiaries of the weaker dollar and look cheap on valuation OR do you think are they already discounting the weaker dollar aka..Coke, PG etc. and their equity prices already reflecting that ?
    2.Current fiscal and monetary policy are both PRO inflation….at what point does inflation start impacting profits negatively?
    3.Companies doing buybacks as use of their excess capital…is that not the worst use of funds instead of capex ?
    4.what do you see as a probability of a profit recession?
    Vix looks like it is ready to move higher…inflation expectations are rising…fed is caught in a late cycle environment( easing in face of stable prices and low unemployment)…China LEI has turned up…
    Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Sam-
      Unfortunately, this comment just populated… If you still have these questions, or questions pertaining to our most recent post, please do not hesitate to respond to this message. We’d be happy to answer them

  2. Very informative presentation. Thank you very much. I am interested in hearing more. Also, that girl is gorgeous. Leave her picture on the screen even while you are talking. No offense intended.

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